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Schedule your Sleep Apnea Study Test...It May Save Your Life

Schedule your Sleep Apnea Study Test...It May Save Your Life

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) causes sufferes to stop breathing periodically throughout the night or the sufferers breathe so shallowly that the oxygenation level of their blood plummets and leaves the body in an almost nightlong state of metabolic panic.

As we have discussed before, people suffering from OSA are at a much greater risk of developing a series of medical conditions that include heart disease, heart attack, obesity, depression, early dementia and sudden death.

At Schmitt Prosthodontics, we make it very simple for our patients. Contact our office at 407-478-4960 and we will schedule you to take home the Sleep Study Test. We go over the home instructions with you until you believe you are comfortable to take test home. Once you complete the sleep study test and fill out the questionnaire at home, you bring the sleep test to the office and we have it analyzed. These results will allow Dr. Schmitt to determine what is in our patient's best interest. If you are a candidate for an obstructive sleep apnea appliance instead of the CPAP, we will make impressions and have your appliance ready for you on your next visit. Usually within 3 weeks after we take your impressions. Dr. Schmitt will make sure the appliance fits properly and with precision on your delivery appointment. Dr. Schmitt may also recommend periodic mouth appliance adjustments to always be certain it is the perfect fit at all times.

Dr. Schmitt is an advocate for not just oral health, but overall health. If you snore, if you are overweight, or if you find yourself out of the ordinary tired, call our office. Help is here!

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