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Alamonte Springs Dental Bridges

What are the benefits of having dental bridges?

If you have absent teeth and aren't interested in filling the gaps with an implant, a bridge may be the perfect solution. A bridge, also known as a "fixed partial denture" helps to fill the gap where teeth are absent, without going into the gum like an implant does. Schmitt Prosthodontics offers two types of bridges: fixed bridges, which are bonded into place by neighboring teeth, offering stability, and removable bridges, which can easily be taken out and cleaned. Many patients also fail to realize the importance of the dental techncian in providing a new bridge. The dental technician is often unseen, but their impact on the final result is incredibly important. At Schmitt Prosthodontics, we work only with highly skilled technicians and consider them true colleagues in the resotraiton of your mouth. Dr. Schmitt personally discusses and reviews all restorations with the technician to assure an excllent result.

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The benefits of a dental bridge include:

  • Helps to support your lips and cheeks
  • Improves overall mouth appearance
  • Prevents stress on your gums and tissue
  • Avoids the surgical placement of a dental implant
  • Restores health and function

Having a bridge can help to protect your teeth and gums from further damage. We may be able to suggest this as a solution, once we have examined your surrounding teeth to see if they will be able to support the bridge. Call us at (407) 478-4960 to arrange an appointment!

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