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The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Providing Dental Crowns in Altamonte Springs

Have your teeth become damaged, giving your smile a less than perfect look? Do you have a tooth or teeth that are broken? A crown, also known as a cap, is a new tooth often made of porcelain to help strengthen or rebuild teeth which have become damaged over time. At Schmitt Prosthodontics, we use the best materials and take this relatively routine process to a new level to help achieve a natural look and healthy, comfotable chewing ability. If you choose to have crowns put on your teeth, we select from multiple different types of crowns based on what is beneficial for you and your teeth. Many patients also fail to realize the importance of the dental technician in providing a new crown. The dental technician is often unseen, but their impact on the final result is incredibly important. At Schmitt Prosthodontics, we work only with highly skilled technicians and consider them true colleagues in the resotraiton of your mouth. Dr. Schmitt personally discusses and reviews all restorations with the technician to assure an excllent result.

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The many benefits to crowns include:

  • Improves color
  • Aligns teeth
  • Looks natural
  • Assists with function

When your teeth become damaged, aesthetics aren't the only thing that suffer. Chewing and talking can become more difficult. Crowns are one solution that can improve the function of your mouth, including both talking and chewing. Call us now at (407) 478-4960 to make an appointment to discuss how crowns may help you!

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