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Occlusal Guard (Night Guard)

Congratulations on receiving your splint, also commonly referred to as a night guard or occlusal guard. Occlusal guards are very useful for relaxing your jaw muscles, thereby permitting your jaw joint to move to its most anatomically correct position. This helps to minimize nighttime clenching and grinding and protects your teeth from excessive wear, fractures, cracks and mobility and can significantly reduce chronic headaches. Here are a few pointers while wearing your occlusal guard.

  • Before placing your occlusal guard in, run it under very warm water as this will relax it slightly.
  • Wear the guard while you sleep and any other time you feel you may grind your teeth.
  • When you remove the guard, rinse in tap water. Do not use toothpaste to scrub it. Place the guard in the container we have supplied. Place the guard up, so the water may evaporate. Keep away from pets. They like to chew on the guards.
  • When you remove the guard, you may feel that your teeth don't match up correctly. This is normal and to be expected. Your teeth have not shifted. Your bite will return to its accustomed position in a few moments.
  • Your occlusal guard can last for many years.
  • You may bring your occlusal guard in at your hygiene appointments to have it cleaned and polished.

Please don't hesitate to call our office if you have any further questions. Thank you for visiting our office and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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