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Going to the dentist has earned a reputation for being scary and uncomfortable, but the truth is, it doesn't have to be that way. Although many patients have had bad experiences, our dental office strives to provide you with the best treatments possible in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Dr. Schmitt's philosophy of care revolves around excellent communication and rapport with each patient to thoughtfully determine the ethically correct treatment. This dialogue and ideal, combined with the advanced training of prosthodontics, allows the patient to develop confidence and trust in the recommended treatment and its real life benefits. Pursuing oral health should be a rewarding experience, not one that you dread. When you come into our office, whether it's for a routine cleaning or a complete restoration, we want you to know with certainty it was the right decision. Call Schmitt Prosthodontics today at (407) 478-4960 to learn more!

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What sets us apart?

Dr. Schmitt is a Prosthodontist, which means he has had three extra years beyond dental school of specialty postgraduate training, specifically to do with crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures and implants. Dr. Schmitt uses this training to improve techniques, materials and overall results. Our office focuses on the reconstruction and replacement of teeth, as well as restoring the natural balance both esthetically and functionally. We don't just handle how your teeth look, but also how your mouth functions. Every individual is different, and we recognize that your health concerns and needs are unique.

We offer a variety of amenities and relaxation tools in hopes to make your experience at our office as comfortable as possible. The philosophy of our office is to deliver you high-quality dental services in a compassionate and professional environment. You deserve long-term oral health that positively impacts your daily life, and we hope to help you achieve it. Dental treatment has gone through incredible changes over the last few years thanks to advances in technology. Although we've been around for 15 years, we embrace these advances and changes as appropriate, but don't always jump on the latest fad. Feel free to contact us at (407) 478-4960 to set up an appointment!

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  • With heartfelt compassion and contagious enthusiasm, we commit to provide a healing dental experience which will change lives through honest communication and thoughtful, ethical care.
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