The Dental Implant Treatment Timeline: What to Expect

Whether you have one or several missing teeth, dental implants can complete your smile. However, patients considering these advanced restorations should be aware that the dental implant timeline can span four to six months or longer. Prosthodontist Scott Schmitt has undergone specialized training to guide patients through implant treatment from start to finish. During your consultation at his Altamonte Springs, FL, office, he will design a custom treatment plan that reflects your unique dental needs and provides an accurate timeline.

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Your Initial Consultation

Dr. Schmitt dedicates virtually unlimited time during each consultation. This allows him to discuss your concerns and restorative treatment options in detail and make the best professional recommendation. He will also discuss your medical history and may take scans or x-rays of the jaw to assess your candidacy for implants. 

Dental implant treatment can take several months to complete. However, the benefits can last a lifetime.

While your finalized treatment plan is completely up to you, Dr. Schmitt can guide you in making an informed decision about which restoration will best meet your unique needs, budget, and expectations. 

Phases of Treatment 

Although the timeline will vary from patient to patient, there are several factors which will shape the length of your treatment. 

Preparing for Implants

Dr. Schmitt takes an honest approach with each patient. If there are additional treatments he feels you need before receiving dental implants, he will discuss these during your initial consultation. Preparations for dental implants may include: 

  • Extractions
  • Periodontal treatment 
  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus lift surgery

These procedures may require several months for adequate healing, which will add to the length of your treatment. 

Dental Implant Surgery

Depending on the number of implants you are receiving, the surgery typically lasts an hour or more. If you only require single-tooth implants, Dr. Schmitt can place these himself. However, full mouth reconstruction with implants will typically be referred out to a trusted oral surgeon. A temporary restoration may be placed immediately following your procedure.

Healing & Recovery

Your gum tissue should heal within several weeks following surgery while your bone tissue will continue to heal over the next four to six months. During this time, your dental implants will fuse with the surrounding bone structure. This process is known as osseointegration. Successful osseointegration is crucial to the success and long-term stability of your implants. 

Placing Abutments 

When your dental implants are fully integrated with your jawbone, you will return to our office or your oral surgeon's office to receive your abutments. These connector pieces anchor your new restorations to the implants and are placed during a minor surgery. Most patients recover and are ready to receive their permanent prosthetics within a few weeks. 

Receiving Your Permanent Restoration

The length of time it takes to fabricate your final restoration will depend on whether you need a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture. While our lab can usually fabricate custom crowns in one to two weeks, creating a denture and making necessary modifications can take several appointments. Dr. Schmitt will work closely with you to ensure that your new prosthetic looks and feels completely natural. 

A Lifetime of Stability and Support

Although implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures will eventually need to be replaced, they can last up to a decade with proper care. However, most dental implants will never need to be replaced. They have shown outstanding success rates and many patients are able to enjoy the benefits of implants for a lifetime. 

Learn More about Your Treatment Plan

Dental implant treatment can take several months to complete. However, the benefits can last a lifetime. Dr. Schmitt can provide a more specific timeline after your initial consultation. To schedule an appointment at our practice, call (407) 478-4960 or submit a message online

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