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Are you self-conscious about worn down, discolored, or irregularly shaped teeth? If so, you may want to consider cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Scott Schmitt can conceal dental imperfections with natural-looking veneers at our offices in Altamonte Springs and Mount Dora, FL.

Discover what this cosmetic dentistry procedure can do for you.

"The best."


Jaclyn O.


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My new smile is absolutely incredible and looks 100% natural. Honestly if you want the best all you have to do is compare reviews from here all the way to Palm Beach and you can clearly see this doctor is the best hands down!

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Dianne A


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Dr Schmitt is one of the most gentle Dr l have had work on my teeth. He explains everything and is very concerned about your well being during the procedure. His Assistant is very kind also. I highly  recommend Dr Schmitt, especially if you are afraid or hesitant to have dental work done.

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See How a Veneer Is Placed

Dental veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored porcelain that are bonded directly to the front surfaces of your teeth. 

Dr. Schmitt provides patients throughout the greater Orlando area with incredibly lifelike results. 

Why Choose Schmitt Prosthodontics?

Patients often underestimate the importance of choosing an experienced provider for their cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Schmitt is a prosthodontic specialist who has undergone extensive training in this branch of dentistry.

Another aspect of dental treatment (and especially porcelain veneers) that is important but frequently misunderstood is the role of the dental technician. Our practice works in close collaboration with skilled technicians who understand the intricate processes of crafting porcelain and zirconia restorations. When receiving porcelain veneers at our Altamonte Springs or Mount Dora offices, you can meet the technician and directly express your desires for the final result. Designing your restorations is a detailed creative process, but the fine craftsmanship of hand-made veneers will always surpass veneers mass-produced by a machine. 

dental veneers

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Patients throughout the greater Orlando area come to our practice in Altamonte Springs and Mount Dora, FL, to receive nothing short of the best dental care. Request a consultation today online, or by calling:

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Patients Love Their Results "I look forward to having a beautiful smile."


Ty M


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I had an awesome experience! Dr. Schmitt really ensured I knew exactly what was going on and what my options were. Not to mention that he Is extremely skilled as everything was smooth & there was no pain at all. I would recommend Dr Schmitt to anyone (and I I’m not just saying that).

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Peggy B.


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Dr Schmitt and staff are always welcoming, genuine and professional. I am seeing Dr Schmitt knowing that other people have been very pleased with his expertise and they are always very satisfied with the treatment they have received in his care. I look forward to having a beautiful smile thanks to Dr Schmitt!

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Candidates for Veneers

Patients will first undergo a consultation at our Altamonte Springs or Mount Dora office to find out if porcelain veneers are the best option for their needs. Important factors we take into account before moving forward with treatment include:

Oral Health

Patients should have good oral health before getting started on cosmetic dentistry.  Dr. Schmitt will first correct any tooth or gum problems you may have to give you the best foundation for your veneers.


Bruxism (teeth grinding) can damage veneers. If you suffer from bruxism, Dr. Schmitt may recommend wearing a mouthguard at night to protect your restorations. 

Treatment Goals

It is important to remember that veneers alter your natural tooth structure, so you must be committed to future upkeep. If your goal is to have a more permanent solution to dental flaws, veneers are a great option. However, if you are unsure about making a permanent change, we offer reversible procedures like dental bonding.

Procedure Timeline

Dental veneer treatment at our Altamonte Springs or Mount Dora, FL, office can be completed in just two appointments.

Capturing precise digital impressions of your teeth is a mess-free process that takes less than nine seconds.
Capturing precise digital impressions of your teeth is a mess-free process that takes less than nine seconds.


To begin, you will discuss your goals with the doctor to develop an individualized plan to best suit your needs.  

Tooth Preparation

The dentist preps your treated teeth by removing a small layer of surface enamel, making room for each dental veneer.


Next, we take digital impressions of your teeth, which takes less than nine seconds. These provide a blueprint for us to design a precise-fitting custom restoration.

Crafting Your Veneers

The dental veneer is crafted from a carefully selected shade of porcelain designed to match your natural teeth. Your restoration will be ready in a week or two after your impressions. In the meantime, we will place temporary veneers to cover the reshaped teeth.

Completing Your Smile

Each permanent veneer is bonded to the surface of the tooth with special dental cement. We check the positioning and fit to ensure a stunning end result.

Check Out an Incredible Transformation

Pictured below is a real patient of our Altamonte Springs dental practice who received porcelain veneers. Notice how the veneers establish symmetry and proper proportions while looking indistinguishable from natural teeth. 
before veneers
Before Dental Veneers
after veneers
After Dental Veneers

Ensuring the Most Natural-Looking Results

The results from our veneers are consistently stunning and natural-looking because we customize every aspect of your treatment.  Our Altamonte Springs–area practice takes the time to learn about your needs in order to craft restorations that exceed your expectations. During the planning stages of treatment, we take precise digital scans of your smile and design your veneers to match your exact specifications. Then we send the impressions to our partner lab where the veneers are hand-crafted from premium materials like porcelain and zirconia.

Rest assured that if you are not completely satisfied with the final results, we will make adjustments until you love your new smile. 

Woman smiling

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to boost your confidence with porcelain veneers, please request a consultation with Dr. Schmitt today. You can request a consultation at our Altamonte Springs or Mount Dora office online or by calling:

(407) 478-4960

"I'm beyond happy." Why Patients Appreciate Our Altamonte Springs Team


Daniel K.


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Outstanding! Above and beyond! Fantastic personel. Already did my impressions. I'm so grateful for what they are doing for me. Excellent team. I'm beyond happy. Thank you all very much

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Melissa F.


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Great staff, friendly helped reduce my anxiety, Dr Schmitt was very kind, gentle explained everything in detail answered all my questions and had patience with me, I did not feel rushed at all, I'm looking forward to getting my smile back

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The Importance of At-Home Dental Care for Your Veneers

Good home care is essential for two reasons. The first is the longevity of your porcelain veneers. Each day, remember to brush twice for two minutes, ideally after eating. You should also still floss between your veneers each day. Floss usage prevents inflammation and gum recession, allowing your smile to remain healthy and beautiful.

The second reason why you should always practice good at-home dental care is because of its positive effects on your oral health. Spending just a handful of minutes a day on good oral hygiene can prevent periodontal disease, tooth loss, and root canal infections.

In addition to brushing your teeth, don't forget to cover your tongue and gums as well. That way, you are thoroughly cleaning away any possible bacteria. Not to mention, this can keep your breath smelling fresher too.

We Believe in Transparent Treatment. To Prove It, We're Answering Some Veneers FAQ

​Like many of our patients in Altamonte Springs, you may have a few questions about veneers. Dr. Schmitt will be happy to answer them during your consultation. In the meantime, here are some questions that we hear commonly:

How long do veneers last?

With proper care and maintenance, porcelain veneers can last about 10 years. The care you put into your smile will help your veneers last longer, so remember to eat mindfully and practice good oral hygiene.

Will people be able to tell if I have veneers?

They likely will not — and that's a good thing! When creating veneers, we use lifelike materials like porcelain and zirconia for a natural-looking smile. Your dentistry solution will be functional while also blending in with the rest of your teeth.

Can veneers be used on all teeth?

No, veneers are not used on posterior teeth or molars. Though veneers can easily refine the teeth in the front of your smile, like the canines and incisors, you will likely need bonding or crowns if you wish to address concerns with your posterior teeth.

Can I get a veneer on just one tooth?

Yes, our prosthodontist can place a veneer on a single tooth, on several teeth, or on all the teeth at the front of your mouth.

Need More Answers?

While veneers are not covered by insurance, they may be more affordable than you think.

Save on Upfront Costs With Financing

Our practice is happy to offer a range of flexible financing options to help make cosmetic treatment more affordable for our patients in Altamonte Springs and Mount Dora. Financing will break down your costs into manageable monthly payments that work for your budget. We currently accept plans through Care Credit, Alphaeon and Lending Club. Ask our team for help with your financing application during your consultation. 

Hoping to Refine Your Smile? We Can Guide You to the Right Solution

Starting with your first appointment, our team aims to give you the best care possible. We are happy to offer virtual consultations, so you don't have to fit a trip to our office into your busy schedule. Additionally, we can accommodate Spanish-speaking patients.

Because we are a cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontist's office, we have a wide range of treatments available. Even if you are not a candidate for veneers, we may be able to guide you through alternative treatments like teeth whitening, crowns, and dental bonding.

Schmitt Prosthodontics features locations in Altamonte Springs and Mt. Dora, FL, for your convenience. If you're ready to explore your treatment options and improve the aesthetics of your smile, contact our welcoming team or call:

(407) 478-4960

Smile Confidently Again

More 5-Star Reviews "I trust his eye and craftsmanship completely."


Holly B.


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Dr. Schmitt, Jacqueline and the rest of the team are all so kind. They really make sure you are taken care of and listen to all of your concerns. I was recommended to Dr. Schmitt by my orthodontist years ago... I really appreciate his meticulous attention to detail and patience to make sure everything was done just so. I trust his eye and craftsmanship completely. Thank you so much for giving me a new smile.

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From top to bottom front to back Dr. Schmitt’s practice is wonderful. Dr. Schmitt is a comforting, understanding man who happens to be the best in his field. He has a great attention to detail always thinking of his patient. You never feel rushed and always feel totally informed. The staff surrounding Dr. Schmitt is honestly the best I’ve ever seen - and I’ve seen a lot.

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Looking for More Dramatic Results?

If there are multiple aspects of your teeth and gums you wish to change, consider a comprehensive smile makeover.

During a smile makeover, we combine multiple forms of cosmetic dentistry into one streamlined treatment plan. This allows you to achieve all your goals much faster than undergoing each procedure one at a time. You can also get a better value with a smile makeover since combining treatments reduces material waste and office visits. 

Man viewing smile in mirror
C. Scott Schmitt, DMD, MS

Schmitt Prosthodontics

Our compassionate team of dental professionals is dedicated to providing you with personalized care of the highest caliber. Prosthodontist C. Scott Schmitt, DMD, MS, is affiliated with a number of professional organizations including:

  • American College of Prosthodontists
  • Academy of Osseointegration
  • Florida Dental Laboratory Association
  • Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

To schedule an appointment at our Altamonte Springs, FL, office, contact us online or call (407) 478-4960 today!

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"I was very pleased with the care, warmth, attention, and excellent dental care that I received at Dr. Schmitt's office. His whole team was incredible."               

- Mary S. 

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